Introducing Nota Air Balance perfume

Different from traditional perfumes on the market, Nota Air Balance gives you a completely new and exciting experience that should only be found in luxury cars like Mercedes, Audi, etc. So how is it different and what are the uses? What happens, should I install it, how much does it cost? The article below CarOn will answer your questions!

What is Nota Air Balance?

Nota Air Balance perfume is a special perfume line introduced and launched by the Nota brand. Nota Air Balance is the perfect combination of natural fragrance and effectiveness in deodorizing and freshening the space.

Nota Air Balance perfume

With a unique formula, Nota Air Balance perfume creates delicate, cool scents that create a pleasant feeling in your car’s interior space and can also eliminate unpleasant odors and mold that bring bad air. The car space is clean and airy.

With compact design, easy to install without cutting connections, affecting the vehicle structure. At the same time, you can adjust the time and level of fragrance release extremely conveniently via the company’s phone App.

Compact design

With many unique and high-quality functions, Nota Air Balance perfume has become a reliable and necessary choice for many car owners, helping users have a cool, refreshing and fragrant driving space. comfortable.

Why should you install Nota Air Balance perfume?

Nota Air Balance Perfume installed on the car

There are many reasons to wear Nota Air Balance perfume, including:

Deodorizing technology using NEGATIVE ION (-)

Negative ion deodorization technology in Nota Air Balance perfume is an advanced and effective method in eliminating odors and creating a fresh space.

  • Operating principle:
    • Negative ion deodorizing technology works by creating negatively charged negative ions.
    • Negative ions will be generated by an electrical source and emitted into the car’s interior space through Nota Air Balance perfume.
  • Deodorizing mechanism:
    • When negative ions come into contact with unpleasant odor molecules in the air, they will interact and absorb these odor molecules.
    • This process helps deodorize the root, completely eliminating unpleasant odors instead of just covering them up like regular perfumes.
  • Benefits of negative ion deodorizing technology:
    • Effective deodorization: Negative ion technology helps eliminate original odor molecules, ensuring the car’s interior space is always fresh and fragrant.
    • Cleans the air: Negative ions also have the ability to clean the air by removing dust particles, bacteria and other pollutants in the vehicle space.
    • Create an airy space: Negative ion technology helps reduce odors and create a fresh and airy space.
  • Safety and convenience:
    • Negative ion technology is considered safe for human health and does not cause irritation to users.
    • Nota Air Balance perfume has been specially designed to distribute negative ions gently and reasonably, without causing inconvenience or affecting driving comfort.

Ozone deodorizing technology (Exclusively available only on Nota)

  • Ozone technology is a technology that uses ozone (O3) to treat and remove pollutants and unpleasant odors in the environment. Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen (O), Ozone technology is widely used in fields such as: water treatment used to purify and remove unwanted bacteria and viruses, Air treatment cleans the air by removing toxic substances and unpleasant odors, deodorizing cars and electronic devices.

Release fragrance from the car air conditioning system

Released by the car’s air conditioning system

Releasing scent through the car’s air conditioning system is a unique feature of Nota Air Balance perfume, helping to bring a pleasant and fresh scent to the car’s interior space.

  • Air conditioning and fragrance system:
    • The car air conditioning system has the function of adjusting the temperature and circulating air in the car.
    • Nota Air Balance perfume is designed to be gently sprayed into the air conditioning system during operation.
  • Fragrance release process:
    • When the air conditioning system operates, air from outside will be drawn in and pass through the system.
    • Here, Nota Air Balance perfume is gently sprayed into the air stream passing through the air conditioning system.
    • Small particles of perfume will combine with air molecules and be dispersed throughout the car’s interior space.
  • Efficiency and convenience:
    • The process of releasing scent through the air conditioning system helps spread the scent naturally and evenly throughout the car’s interior space.
    • The scent has a strong and long-lasting effect, creating a pleasant and fresh feeling for the driver and passengers.
    • This feature helps ensure an enjoyable driving experience and creates a comfortable feeling in the interior space.

Quick installation, does not affect the vehicle structure

Nota Air Balance perfume is designed to be compact and easily installed in the interior space of the car without requiring cutting or affecting the vehicle structure.

  • Quick installation time:
    • The installation process of Nota Air Balance perfume is very simple and quick.
    • In just about 15 minutes, users can easily install perfume into the car’s interior space.
  • No splicing required:
    • With a special design, Nota Air Balance does not require any cutting or structural changes to the vehicle.
    • Users just need to place Nota Air Balance perfume in a suitable location in the car, such as on a cup holder or in a small compartment.
  • Does not affect vehicle structure:
    • Nota Air Balance’s compact and seamless design ensures it does not affect the vehicle’s structure and design.
    • The perfume is designed to ensure aesthetics and safety when used in the interior space of the car.
  • Compact size:
    • Nota Air Balance has a compact design, making it easy to fit in narrow spaces of a car.
    • The compact size of the product does not take up too much space and does not obstruct the driver and passengers.

Nota Air Balance fragrances

Nota Air Balance perfume

Nota Ambient Air is a perfume line imported from France, produced by a reputable manufacturer. With high quality and sophistication in design, Nota Ambient Air gives users a wonderful fragrance experience with 6 different scents such as

Downtown Mood

Downtown Mood is extracted from floral, musk and fruity scents, providing a sweet, gentle and sexy scent. The natural and familiar fragrance will make users feel confident and express their personality. Downtown Mood is the perfect choice for women looking for a gentle and sensual fragrance.

Nightlife Mood

Nightlife Mood is inspired by Greek mythology and Eastern flavors. Creates a strong, masculine scent. This perfume is the perfect way to express a man’s mastery of the game and generosity in his lifestyle.

Sport Mood

Sport Mood perfume is extracted from lemon flower aromas and fresh green leaves of Bodhi tree, creating a natural and cool scent. It is full of sportiness, dynamism and personality. This flavor is perfectly suitable for people who have an active style and need inspiration and energy when starting their journey.

Freeside Mood

Freeside Mood represents purity combined with citrus scents and a touch of freedom from the sea. The freedom of nature has created a perfume to create fresh inspiration in the cramped space inside the car.

Pacific Mood

Pacific Mood is a combination of natural wood and floral scents creating a strong but warm fragrance. Create a feeling of luxury and confidence when having a companion on every journey.


Nota Air Balance perfume Maybach scent

Maybach is a perfume line that brings a luxurious scent and noble temperament. With a delicate combination of agarwood, jade wood, sandalwood and vanilla, Maybach affirms its trendy class and creates a noble and elegant atmosphere.

With every breath, Maybach brings a sense of class and temperament, making users confident and shining in every situation. This perfume is suitable for those who want to express their own luxurious and personalized style.

How much does Nota Air Balance perfume cost?

Currently, the price of Nota Air Balance perfume is 5,500,000 sets including: 1 kit + 2 perfume bottles (1 short bottle of 6 scents + 1 long bottle) is a special scent of Mercedes.

Nota perfume installed at CarOn

Reputable address to install Nota Air Balance perfume?

Currently, CarOn is an agent of Nota Air Balance perfume, you can come to CarOn centers for trial, experience and installation.

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Caron Pro is trusted and known by customers as a chain of 5S standard auto repair service centers. With extremely modern equipment, genuine spare parts, skilled technicians, a full range of services at extremely affordable prices and quality. With a variety of services and products, CarOn is committed to providing the most dedicated quality and service.

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