Hyundai Tucson 2025 Facelift Launched: New interior, 2 curved screens, shift lever like Mercedes

Hyundai has just revealed notable details about the Tucson 2025 Facelift model before its official launch in Europe. This car line promises to bring significant improvements, especially in the interior, to create a perfect driving experience. Below are some highlights about the 2025 Hyundai Tucson new.

Modern Exterior

The 2025 Hyundai Tucson has undergone significant improvements on the outside, with reworked Parametric Jewel headlights and a new radiator creating a modern and luxurious exterior. The front bumper has also been updated, providing a new and attractive design space.

Interior Changes

The interior of the 2025 Hyundai Tucson is renewed, with a traditional dashboard and minimalist 3-spoke steering wheel. The unique feature lies in the large curved screen, consisting of two 12.3-inch screens located in the same glass frame, creating a convenient and modern control space. The gear lever has been moved to the steering column, creating a layout similar to Mercedes-Benz models, but with distinct differences.

Convenient Features

Hyundai Tucson 2025 not only provides a comfortable driving experience but also ensures safety with advanced driver assistance features. You will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of quality with physical control buttons and large cup trays in the space between the two front seats. New colors and three-tone interwoven options will bring sophistication and style to the interior.

Colors and More Information About Hyundai Tucson 2025

Hyundai Tucson 2025 will have two new colors: matte green and metallic red, helping to create diversity and choice for consumers. More detailed information about this model will be revealed in the coming weeks, but it is expected that the car will be widely available for sale from mid-2024.

With impressive updates, the Hyundai Tucson 2025 Facelift promises to be an attractive choice in the modern car segment. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the amenities and classy design that this car brings!

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