How to handle car air conditioner leaking water?

Car air conditioning is an important device that helps bring comfort while driving, but sometimes we may encounter water leaks from the air conditioning system. Water leaks are not only annoying, they can also affect system performance and harm the vehicle’s interior. Therefore, in this article, CARON PRO will learn with you about the causes of water leaks from car air conditioners and how to effectively handle this problem.

What are the cases of car air conditioner leaking water?

Water leak outside the car

Water leak outside the car

Water leaks under the car can be a normal situation, especially when using car air conditioning on continuously hot days. Car air conditioning systems are designed to allow water to drain out of the vehicle. From the cooling and heating process, water is converted into liquid and exits the vehicle through the pipes in the evaporator.

While a few drops of water leaking is normal, if there is a significant puddle of water, you should stop and inspect it thoroughly. If you are worried about increasing water leakage from your car’s air conditioning system, rest assured it will be checked to ensure the safety and performance of your car’s engine. Your car depends on many vital fluids, and leaks can endanger both engine performance and driving safety.

Water leak inside the car

Internal leak

The cause of water leaks inside the car may come from the air conditioning system or other unrelated factors. Here are some other possible causes of water leaks:

  • Problems in the air conditioning system: The air conditioning system may have a problem, causing water leaks. It could be due to blockage or damage in the water pipes, air filter, or cabin air filter.
  • Windshield or sunroof: Poorly installed or old windshield or sunroof can cause water to flow into the car cabin.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion over time can create small holes in the vehicle’s body panels, allowing water to flow into the vehicle. The seams inside the body panels can also become damaged and cause water leaks.

If you experience a water leak inside your car, in addition to checking the air conditioning system, consider other factors such as the windshield, sunroof, and the condition of the body panels. Determining the exact cause of the water leak and taking corrective measures will help ensure the safety and performance of your car.

What causes car air conditioners to leak water?

The condenser water pipe is clogged

The condenser water pipe is clogged

When the car’s air conditioning system operates, condensation and excess water will be removed from the car through the condenser water pipe. However, in some cases, this tube can become clogged with dirt, blocking the condensation process of the air conditioning system. When the pipes in the evaporator are clogged, moisture will flow into the air conditioning vents and form puddles in the car cabin. If excess water remains in the condenser pipes for too long, it can damage the electronic components of the air conditioning system. Therefore, unclogging the evaporator pipes is the best solution to overcome water leakage in the car air conditioning system.

Gasket is damaged

Gasket is damaged

Another cause of water leaks in the car air conditioning system is damaged gaskets in the system. When the gasket is damaged, water can easily escape the system and flood into the vehicle cabin. A sign of damaged gaskets is the appearance of water flowing under the floor mats inside the passenger compartment. To fix this situation, it is necessary to check and replace damaged gaskets in the car air conditioning system.

Leaking condenser pipes

Leaking condenser pipes

Leaking evaporator pipes are also another cause of water leaks in the car air conditioning system. When turning on the air conditioner, if you feel a musty smell coming from the air conditioner vent, it may be the smell of rotting, rusted metal leaves. This condition can lead to water leaks in the car air conditioning system. Leaking evaporator pipes need to be checked and replaced to fix this problem.

How to handle car air conditioner water leak?

When water is discovered in the car due to the car’s air conditioning system, there are a number of remedies and repairs that car owners can perform at home. However, if you cannot fix this situation yourself, you should go to a car care garage to receive professional support.

In the case of car air conditioning water flowing outside the car, you should check the rubber hoses of the cooling system to see if they are damaged or worn out. Make sure the rubber hoses are intact and there are no water leaks. If any rubber hose is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately to prevent water leakage.

In addition, more importantly, you should regularly check and periodically maintain your car’s air conditioning system. This includes inspecting and cleaning air filters, checking refrigerant levels and system pressures, and inspecting and servicing components such as blowers, water pipes, and tanks. By performing regular maintenance, you can detect small problems early and prevent major problems from occurring, ensuring good performance and avoiding unwanted water leaks.

If you are not confident or have no experience with car repair, ask for support from experts at car care garages. They will have the necessary techniques and tools to determine the exact cause of the water leak and make the appropriate repairs.

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