How to effectively choose and install a storage bag hanging behind a car seat?

Are you looking for a smart solution to organize and store personal belongings in your car? Let CANVA PRO show you how to choose and install a storage bag behind the car seat – an effective solution to solve this problem.

What is a car seat back storage bag?

Storage bag hanging on the back of the car seat

A car seat back bag is a type of bag designed to hang behind the seat of a car. It helps take advantage of free space in the car and creates a convenient place to store and organize personal belongings.

Hanging bags often have many compartments and small pockets so you can store and organize small items such as cell phones, water bottles, books, pens, children’s toys and more. Thanks to the hanging bag, you can keep these items neat, convenient and easily accessible throughout your driving journey.

Structure of a storage bag hanging behind a car seat?

Structure of a storage bag hanging behind the car seat

A car seat bag is usually made up of three basic components, each of which plays an important role in protecting and maintaining the quality of the bag. Let’s learn about each of these components in detail:

First layer: High quality PU leather layer

PU leather is a synthetic material that is highly durable and resistant to dirt, scratches, and mold. The durability of PU leather helps the bag withstand impact and long-term use in the automotive environment.

Second layer: Waterproof sponge

To ensure the hanging bag is waterproof when in use, the second layer is usually waterproof foam. This foam pad is heat insulating and waterproof, helping to protect the items inside the bag from contact with water or outside penetration.

Final layer: Super adhesive XPE glue layer

The last layer of the hanging bag is usually a super adhesive layer of XPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene). This layer of glue has the ability to shape and prevent movement, helping the bag maintain its shape and not deform when hung in the car. In addition, the XPE adhesive layer also creates an additional layer of protection, helping the bag resist friction and abrasion from objects inside and outside.

What is the use of a storage bag hanging behind a car seat?

Car seat back storage bags have many useful uses, including:

  • Expand the space inside the car: Storage bags help expand the storage space in the car, allowing users to arrange items and belongings neatly without falling and causing damage.
  • Stable and convenient: The storage bag helps stabilize frequently used items during travel such as water, tissues, plastic bags, umbrellas, documents, and more. This helps people sitting in the car, especially in the back seats, access these items more conveniently.
  • Hygienic protection: The storage bag helps protect the back of the chair from dust and dirt and keeps out stains from shoes, fingerprints and other debris. This keeps the interior space in the car always clean and hygienic.
  • Aesthetics: Storage bags often come in many different colors, designs and materials, allowing car owners to choose to suit the style and interior space of the car and help increase the car’s aesthetics.
  • Charge phones and mobile devices: Some cargo bags are equipped with USB ports, allowing the passenger to conveniently charge their phone, iPad or other mobile devices without having to search for a power source. other.

How to choose a good car seat hanging bag?

When choosing a quality and suitable car seat bag, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Bag material: Bags should be made from PU leather, thick fabrics and sharp seams. This ensures the bag is highly durable and brings a luxurious look to your car’s interior.
  • Designed with a variety of compartments: The bag should have enough compartments of various sizes so you can conveniently store your phone, iPad, water bottles, documents and other items. Having enough compartments helps organize and arrange personal belongings neatly.
  • Suitable for interior design style: The color and style of the hanging bag should match the main design style of the car’s interior. This helps create harmony and aesthetics for your car space.
  • Appropriate size: The hanging bag should have a size compatible with the size of the car seat, not too big or too small. This ensures that the bag will fit properly and not obstruct the sitting space.
  • Choose a reputable brand: Choose hanging bags from reputable suppliers to ensure product quality. Consider the price commensurate with the quality to make a reasonable investment.

Instructions for installing a storage bag hanging behind a car seat?

Instructions for installing a storage bag hanging behind a car seat
  • Step 1: Wrap the bag around the neck of the chair where there are 2 iron bars
  • Step 2: Hook the bottom of the bag to the underside of the chair
  • Step 3: Finally, just straighten the bag according to the shape of the back of the chair and you can use it

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