How to clean and replace the air filter to keep your “car” healthy?

The air filter on a car plays a huge role in helping to filter and prevent dirt in the air from entering the fuel system, lubricant system, cooling system and the engine combustion chamber. Today Caron Pro will share with you what you should know about car air filters through the article below so you can get the clearest view of the importance of this part.

What is a car air filter?

Car air filter

The car air filter is one of the most important parts of the car. The effect of a car air filter is to filter dust and dirt in the air before the air is sent into the combustion chamber. It is a part that directly affects the operation of the car engine. This ensures the best and most stable performance of the engine. Therefore, after a long period of work, the air filter is often covered with a lot of dust and dirt. If not cleaned or replaced periodically, the filter’s air vents can easily become filled with dirt, causing the filter to become clogged. A dirty air filter will block air from entering the engine combustion chamber, causing the air mixture ratio to be distorted. This is one of the reasons why the car overheats, consumes fuel, accelerates slowly…

Which filters need to be checked and replaced periodically?

Car air conditioner filter

Car air conditioner filter

When using a car, the air conditioning system seems to be the most used part, usually always turned on during travel. So to avoid dust and dirt sticking to it, damaging the car’s cooling system as well as affecting the interior compartment, you need a car air conditioner filter (cabin filter). Besides, because the car’s air conditioning filter is easily affected by environmental factors such as: dirt, mold, water overflow, insects, etc., those are also the reasons why You must clean regularly and replace air conditioner filters periodically.

Car engine air filter

Car engine air filter

The car engine air filter (air filter) is a part that plays a very important role in providing maximum power to the engine by supporting airflow and keeping harmful contaminants out of the valve tube. and intake pipe. A car’s engine air filter is usually located in the engine compartment under the hood. After a period of use, dirt and moisture stick to the filter membrane, filling the air vents of the filter. If not cleaned or replaced when the car’s engine air filter is dirty, it will obstruct the amount of air entering the engine, causing incorrect air-mix ratio (fuel and air), reducing engine performance. . This will seriously affect your car driving experience, your car’s lifespan will also be shortened, the engine will overheat and cause soot in the combustion chamber.

When do you need to clean the car air filter?

Car air conditioner filter

According to recommendations from car manufacturers, users should periodically replace the air conditioner filter every 20,000 and clean the air conditioner filter every 5,000 km, or check the cleanliness after each oil change. car, etc. However, the time to replace the car air conditioner filter depends on usage conditions. According to research experts, users should change the air conditioner filter in the summer or periodically replace it earlier than the manufacturer’s limit if your car is used in polluted, dusty environmental conditions. In addition, manufacturers also recommend that users use genuine air conditioner filters to ensure quality and suitability for each different vehicle type.

Car engine air filter

According to recommendations from car manufacturers, for new cars, the engine air filter needs to be cleaned every 5,000 km and replaced every 20,000 km. However, if you use an old car, the time to change the filter may be earlier and depends on the vehicle’s operating conditions.

How to effectively clean car air filters

How to clean car air conditioner filter

  • Step 1: Find the location of the air conditioner air filter. Usually depending on the type of vehicle, the air conditioning filter has two main locations: in front of the engine compartment on the passenger side or in front of both sides of the dashboard. Once you have located this location, open the trunk. Unbolt the air filter cover fixings.
  • Step 2: For regular cars, you first need to remove the storage box in the trunk on the right side of the car. Remove the plastic cover of the rectangular box containing the air filter. Usually there are two types of locking the box cover, one uses an ear and the other uses a screw. Gently lift up the filter cover and gently pull out the filter. Be careful to disassemble the filter properly to avoid damaging the locking pins.
  • Step 3: Use a compressed air nozzle to properly clean the car air conditioner from inside to outside. In case there is no spray nozzle, you can gently shake the air filter and wash it with a specialized cleaning solution. During the process of cleaning the car air conditioner filter, you need to pay attention to do it properly to avoid sharp objects penetrating the filter mesh and filter membrane of the air conditioner.
  • Step 4: After cleaning, gently pat the filter dry, then install it in the original position in the correct direction as removed and close the air filter box cover. Finally, carefully use a clean rag to gently wipe the dust and dirt from the air filter box before installing the cleaned filter.

How to clean car engine air filter

  • Step 1: Remove and take the air filter out. The air filter protection box is usually fixed with a clamp. Therefore, to remove the air filter, just turn on the clamp to open the cover and take the air filter out.
  • Step 2: Use an air spray nozzle to blow away any dirt on the filter. Spray from top to bottom along the grooves and from inside to outside. Note: Absolutely do not use water or any other solution to clean the air filter because most car air filters are made of oil paper so they are very hydrophobic.
  • Step 3: After cleaning the dust and dirt on the filter, reinstall the air filter in its old position.

How to effectively replace car air filters

How to replace car air conditioner filter

Replace air conditioner filter in car
  • Step 1: Determine the location of the car’s air conditioner filter. Depending on the vehicle, the location of the air conditioner filter may be different.
  • Step 2: Prepare a new filter suitable for the car
  • Step 3: Remove the old filter from the car and replace with a new filter
  • Step 4: Install the new filter in its original position and test it

How to replace car engine air filter

Replace car engine filter
  • Step 1: Open the hood and locate the car’s engine air filter
  • Step 2: Get a new air filter suitable for the vehicle type, put it in place of the old air filter. Note that when removing the air filter, replacement is similar.
  • Step 3: Close the engine air filter protective cover, tighten the screws, replace the bonnet, start the car and check again.

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