How to Check and Recharge Car Air Conditioner Gas

Car air conditioning is an important system that helps regulate temperature, humidity and clean air in the car cabin. If one day you find that your air conditioner is no longer cool or the cold air is weak. Then it’s time to check the gas inside your car’s air conditioner.

The article below will show you the signs and how to refill air conditioner gas for your car.

Why is recharging the car air conditioning system necessary?

Recharge car air conditioner

When using car air conditioning for a long time, the system will consume refrigerant (gas) over time. Therefore, gas refilling is essential to ensure the system has enough gas to operate effectively. Lack of gas leads to reduced cooling performance and the air in the cabin does not reach the desired temperature. Charging gas will provide adequate gas for the system, ensuring the performance of the air conditioner.

Signs of running out of air conditioner cooling gas

  1. The air in the cabin is not cool: One of the most obvious signs of a car air conditioning system running out of gas is that the air in the cabin is not cooled as usual. You can clearly feel the warming of the air and no longer feel comfortable when using air conditioning.
  2. Warm or insufficient airflow: When the system does not supply enough gas, the airflow from the ventilation ducts may become warmer or weaker. This reduces the cooling ability of the air conditioner and does not ensure the desired temperature is achieved.
  3. Strange noises or sounds: When the car air conditioning system runs out of gas, the compressor may make strange noises or sounds. This may be due to inefficient operation or insufficient system pressure due to lack of gas.
  4. Increased working pressure on the control panel: Another sign of a car air conditioning system running out of gas is increased working pressure on the control panel. This can be seen through the gas pressure indicator on the control panel. If the pressure is too low or there is no pressure displayed, it may indicate a lack of gas in the system.
  5. If you experience these signs, you should check and refill the car’s air conditioning system to fix the problem and ensure effective operation of the air conditioner.

How often should I refill gas?

Gasoline the car

The time it takes to run out of gas in the car air conditioning system depends on many different factors, including:

  1. Sealed condition of the system: If the car air conditioning system has a leak, gas will escape and lead to loss of cold air. Leaks can occur due to extensions, pipes, valves or any part of the system that is not airtight. When there is a leak, the gas will gradually disappear and the system needs to be checked and repaired.
  2. Level of use: Car air conditioning systems that are used frequently will consume gas faster. Daily use or in hot climates can also reduce the amount of gas in the system.
  3. Age of the system: Car air conditioning systems also have a limited lifespan and after a period of use, the internal parts may become damaged or lose their sealing ability. This leads to faster loss of gas.

However, there is no general rule about the specific time it takes to run out of gas in the car air conditioning system. But many experts advise that you should clean and check your car’s air conditioning gas periodically after 1 year or 20,000 – 30,000km.

How to check the gas level in the car air conditioning system

To check the gas level in the car air conditioning system, you can do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on the engine and car air conditioning system: Make sure the fan and cooling system are working.
  • Step 2: Open the car door and find the place to refill gas on the car air conditioning system. Usually this place is marked with a gas oil symbol (F shape) or gas pipe shape.
  • Step 3: Take the gas pressure gauge and connect it to the air duct of the car air conditioning system. Make sure that the pressure release button on the measuring tank is opened to release the air in the measuring tank is opened to release the air in the measuring tank.
  • Step 4: Read the tire pressure value on the gauge. Pressure is usually measured in units of PSI or Bar. The specific value of optimal cold air pressure depends on the type of car air conditioning system and the manufacturer.
  • Step 5: Compare the measured pressure value with the manufacturer’s instructions or recommended parameters for your car’s air conditioning system. If the pressure is too low, you may need to refill the system with gas. However, if the pressure is too high, your air conditioning system may be having problems and you should consult a professional technician.

Types of car air conditioning gases

Gas R135a

The common type of gas used to refill car air conditioning systems is R134a. R134a is a gas that does not pollute the environment and is widely used in the automobile industry.

Previously, some cars used R12 gas, but R12 has been phased out because it contains substances that destroy ozone. Therefore, most car air conditioning systems today use R134a gas instead.

Note that the type of gas charged to the car air conditioning system may vary depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer’s regulations. Therefore, always check the manufacturer’s operating instructions and maintenance instructions or consult a professional technician before filling the car air conditioning system with gas.

How much does it cost to refill air conditioner gas?

Car air conditioning gas refill prices can vary depending on many factors such as location, service provider, type of gas used, and state of the car air conditioning system. However, usually the price of refilling car air conditioner gas ranges from 500,000 to 1,200,000 VND.

To use the car air conditioning gas refill service, you can contact the Hotline 1900633612 or 0919009069


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