“Discover Kia’s Two Unique Electric Vehicle Models: EV3 SUV and EV4 Sedan”

Kia marks a big step forward in its journey to electric vehicles with the appearance of two new models at the LA Auto Show 2023. Together, we will learn about the outstanding features of the compact SUV model. EV3 and the unique sedan EV4, names that are changing the face of the future of electric cars.

EV3 SUV: The Electric Future Shines

EV3, Kia’s compact SUV line, promises to bring a unique experience not only in design but also in driving experience. Introduced as a miniature version of the EV9, this SUV is not only beautiful with its soft curves but also focuses on reducing carbon emissions through natural materials and minimalist interior design.


The front and sides of the EV3 bring a new look with soft lines, creating a highlight between uniqueness and sophistication.


Stepping inside, the EV3’s interior is not only a driving space, but also a “happy emotional” space. Seats made from natural microfibers and a center console made from mushroom roots make the driving experience closer to nature and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

EV4 Sedan: The Blend Between SUV and Sedan

EV4, Kia’s new sedan, stands out with its SUV-influenced design while still retaining the unique character of a sedan. This opens a new journey where creativity meets modern style.


The EV4 scores points with sharp lines, highlighting the blend between the masculinity of an SUV and the elegance of a sedan.


Continuing the trend from the EV3, the EV4’s interior continues to care for the environment with a combination of hemp fabric and recycled materials, creating a comfortable and sustainable space.

Technology and Utilities:

Both models are equipped with advanced technology, with the EV4 featuring Mind Mode that allows the car to automatically adjust the air conditioning system and backlight, creating a comfortable and warm space during trips.

Kia has confirmed that the commercial version of the EV3 will officially launch in 2024, while the EV4 will be available on the market after a short period of time.

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