Dealer Announces Price List and Feature Information VW Viloran: Can It Compete With Kia Carnival?

With its appearance in the Vietnamese auto market, VW Viloran has made a strong impression on car enthusiasts. The dealer officially announced the Price List, and it is expected that this car model will officially launch next month with 2 versions: Comfort and Highline.

VW Viloran Price List – Competitive Over 150 Million With Kia Carnival

According to information from the dealer, the expected price for VW Viloran will be 1,989 billion and 2,189 billion VND for the Comfort and Highline versions respectively. It is worth noting that this listed price may be the official price when the car launches next month. By comparison, the VW Viloran is priced about 150 million VND more than the most advanced version of the Kia Carnival.

Featured Information and Outstanding Equipment

  • Appearance and Size: VW Viloran Comfort and Highline do not have big differences in appearance, with 19-inch wheels for Comfort and 20-inch wheels and IQ Light matrix LED lighting system for Highline. This car line competes closely with competitors in the same segment such as Hyundai Custin and Mercedes-Benz V-Class.
  • Furniture and Amenities: VW Viloran is equipped with high-quality interiors from China, and integrates many modern equipment such as a large screen behind the steering wheel, independent 3-zone air conditioning, seats with integrated heating, cooling and massage, and touch sensors. front/rear collision variable.
  • Engine and Performance: Both Comfort and Highline versions use a 2.0L turbocharged engine, 220 horsepower, 350 Nm of torque, combined with a 7-speed DSG and front-wheel drive system.

Safety and Comfort Technology

  • Viloran Comfort: Promises modern features such as distraction warning, early collision warning, emergency brake support, intelligent adaptive throttle, 360-degree camera and automatic parking assist feature.
  • Viloran Highline: Advanced with lane change assist and 2 airbags (total of 9 airbags compared to 7 airbags of Comfort).

Prices and Markets

With an expected price of nearly 2 billion VND, VW Viloran not only competes in price with Korean car models but also brings significant comfort and performance. It is expected that the launch of this model will change consumption dynamics in the minivan segment in Vietnam.

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