Car spoiler: A powerful assistant that you should invest in?

Today, car spoilers have become one of the high-end exterior accessories that is extremely popular among car enthusiasts. Car enthusiasts often add spoilers or spoilers to upgrade their “beloved car” to look more classy and personal. However, surely for many people, car spoilers only have the effect of making the car more personal and powerful, without knowing much information about this interesting part of the car. So what is a car spoiler? Should I invest in installing a spoiler for my car? Today CARON PRO will answer you through this article.

What is a car spoiler?

Car spoiler

Car spoilers (also known as car spoilers) are a part often installed on racing cars and sports trucks. They can be mounted in many places such as the front, rear or body of the vehicle and have a design based on the principle of aerodynamics (the impact of air on the vehicle’s tires when the car is moving).

Car spoilers come in many different shapes: from large to small, from simple to complex,… depending on the manufacturer’s design. Car spoilers are often produced mainly from lightweight polymer-based materials such as:

  • ABS plastic: A flexible plastic produced by molding ABS plastic combined with other additives to increase hardness such as granular fillers.
  • Silicone: A material with high temperature resistance and good mechanical durability to help increase product longevity.
  • Fiberglass: A material with high durability, ability to withstand great pressure, and light weight.
  • Carbon fiber: A material with lightweight properties, super durability, outstanding force and heat resistance.

Although the car spoiler is only a small detail on the car frame compared to the whole, it is considered a development step in the research process of automotive aerodynamics. Nowadays, many car owners use car spoilers for their beauty effects rather than their practical effects. Many people own a car with a spoiler but do not understand its true function.

Benefits of car spoilers?

Helps maintain traction

The first benefit of installing a spoiler on a car is that it helps the car maintain traction at very high speeds. Normally, when a car is running at a fast speed of 130km/h, the air pressure can affect your car and cause it to lift. This is very dangerous because it can cause your car to spin out of control while moving, easily causing an unintended accident. The spoiler installed at the rear of the car has the ability to increase the car’s downforce, thereby helping the tires grip the road better and more stably.

Increase visibility

Car spoilers help increase visibility

The car’s rear spoiler also has a useful effect in increasing visibility when participating in traffic. Cars around you can see your car through the spoiler. This important factor helps drivers minimize unwanted collisions and accidents that may occur. In addition, some types of spoilers on the market today also have brake lights that fit within the driver’s sight so that the driver behind is quickly warned when the vehicle in front slows down or brakes suddenly.

Contributes to reducing vehicle weight

Weight is one of the important factors that determine the stability of a car. Car spoilers can improve compression, reducing drag and vehicle weight. The use of car spoilers helps car manufacturers use lighter materials to make cars. No need to worry when the car moves at high speed. Thanks to that, the car will still grip the road well and will not be affected by the lifting force, making the car unstable and difficult to drive.

Helps save fuel

Energy saving

Wind resistance is one of the leading factors affecting a vehicle’s fuel economy. The reason is that when moving at a certain speed, the engine always has to withstand wind resistance. The vehicle’s resistance will become increasingly greater and it will require more fuel to operate and accelerate. Therefore, using car spoilers is an effective way to save fuel. Car owners will no longer have to worry about how to save fuel thanks to installing car spoilers because they will help reduce physical fuel loss. The design of the spoiler helps minimize the vehicle’s braking force by taking advantage of the principle of pushing air around the vehicle, thereby making the vehicle move as normal but with a smaller amount of fuel consumption. Therefore, equipping a car spoiler is necessary to block the wind and limit fuel consumption for the vehicle.

Brake support is more stable

Stable brake support

In addition, installing car spoilers also helps increase road grip and support stable braking. The installation position creates resistance, making control safer even when the driver moves at high speed and brakes suddenly.

Helps increase aerodynamic performance

Investing in car spoiler design also has the effect of enhancing the car’s aerodynamics. Equipping a rear car spoiler will help limit airflow separation and make the pressure at the front higher, thereby helping the car move more stably. Because when the vehicle moves, the air currents will become chaotic and create a low pressure area, increasing resistance, making the vehicle operate unstable.

Enhance your car’s style

Wind vanes help enhance aesthetics

One of the benefits of installing a spoiler for a car that many people are interested in is that it helps the car become more stylish and express one’s personality. That’s why today’s auto component manufacturers and suppliers produce many types of spoilers to suit each vehicle type and user’s style. You can easily and comfortably choose the type of car spoiler that best suits you without having to spend too much effort searching.

Should you install a spoiler for your car?

Installing a car spoiler will depend on the needs of the car user. Currently, sports car models on the market are also equipped with spoilers with luxurious and youthful designs. If your car is not a sports car or you want to install a new car spoiler, it is very easy because installing car spoilers is more popular on the market. However, to install a quality spoiler for your car, you should carefully research the appropriate spoiler model for your car model and choose a reputable installation location.

Reputable address for installing car spoilers


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