Car back seat screen: Modern gadget worth investing in?

In an era of constantly developing technology, not only the front of the car but also the back seat has become a remarkable space for convenience and entertainment. Rear seat screens, a modern equipment, have become an increasingly popular trend in high-end cars. Not simply a detail that enhances luxury, the rear seat screen also brings modern conveniences and creates a separate space for rear passengers. So, why is investing in a rear seat screen so valuable? Let CARON PRO answer your questions about car back seat screens through the article below?

What is a car back seat screen?

Car back seat screen

A car back seat screen is a device installed in the car and specifically for back seat users. This screen allows users to watch movies, play games or access other multimedia content. Often the rear seat screens are connected to the front smart Android screens or content streaming devices, and can be controlled from the back seat or through the front control screen. This is a very useful convenience for long trips that could previously have been very boring.

Types of car back seat screens?


  • Screen with DVD drive: This type of screen is capable of playing DVDs and can be placed in the center or behind the knees of the chair. These screens operate independently, allowing passengers to watch movies, browse the web and engage in other entertainment activities. With built-in DVD playback, users can watch movies directly from the disc or even copy movie files to the drive for playback.
  • Screen without DVD drive: This type of screen only serves the purpose of connecting images from other sources such as mobile phones, tablets or other devices. These screens do not have a built-in DVD drive and operate based on visual signals from the vehicle’s main screen. Users can connect peripheral devices to this screen via HDMI port, USB port or wireless connection to view content from different sources.


  • Pillow design: This design requires you to remove the headrest assembly of the front seat to replace it with a headrest with a built-in screen. This installation process is somewhat complicated, but this screen model is usually quite cheap. However, this means you will change the original headrest of the front seat with a headrest with a screen.
  • Removable design: This design is more popular. You do not need to remove the headrest assembly of the front seat as in the knee-integrated design. Instead, you just need to mount the screen directly on the headrest of the front seat. This process does not require replacing any vehicle parts and is simpler than the knee-on design.

What are the benefits of car back seat screens?

Utility of car rear screen
  • Comfort and luxury: Car backseat screens bring comfort and luxury to your car. It creates a separate entertainment space for rear passengers and increases the vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • Installation position does not affect the occupants and viewing activities: The installation position of the rear seat screen is designed so that it does not affect the occupants and their ability to observe. This ensures that the front passenger and driver can still focus on driving without being disturbed by the screen.
  • High resolution and large screen: Most car backseat screens are equipped with high resolution screens and range in size from 9 to 12 inches. This ensures the display of sharp images and vivid colors from all angles, providing a good entertainment experience for passengers.
  • Android operating system and multi-touch technology: Most car backseat screens use the Android operating system, providing an easy-to-use interface and compatible with popular applications. Multi-touch technology allows users to enjoy a tablet-like experience.
  • Entertainment experience and convenient features: Rear passengers can enjoy entertainment programs and other convenient features on the car’s back seat screen. They can watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, play games and use other applications for entertainment during the journey.

Advantages and disadvantages of car back seat screens?


  • Many entertainment features: Car backseat screens provide many entertainment features, allowing passengers to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, play games and even access applications through a network connection.
  • Create a more luxurious space: Rear seat screens are part of car upgrades, increasing aesthetic value and creating a more luxurious space for rear passengers.
  • Phone connectivity: Some rear seat screens have the ability to connect to smartphones, allowing passengers to access contacts, listen to music, view messages and use phone features on the big screen.


  • High installation cost: Car backseat screens have high installation costs, including purchasing the screen and professional installation work. This may be a financial barrier for some people wanting to install this screen.
  • Limited size: Car back seat screens are often large in size, so they are only suitable for certain car models. Not all vehicles have enough space or structure to install rear seat monitors.

Things to keep in mind when installing a rear seat screen in a car?

Car back seat screen
  • Buy from a reputable place with long-term warranty support. If buying online, choose a supplier with a clear origin to avoid buying fake or poor quality products.
  • Choose reputable, open and transparent brands. Read product information and reviews from the user community to evaluate the quality of the product.
  • Consider costs before making a decision. Avoid deciding based solely on low price without considering its suitability to your needs and expectations.
  • Pay attention to the technical specifications and compatibility of the screen with the vehicle. Consider size, resolution, connectivity features, and compatibility to make sure the screen is right for your vehicle.
  • Install screens at reputable facilities with experienced teams. If you do the installation yourself, thoroughly research and learn about the installation process before doing it to ensure success and safety.

Reputable address to support car back seat screen installation?


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