6 signs that your car is having trouble

Cars, whether new or old, are likely to encounter unexpected problems after being used for a period of time. Modern cars today often have warning devices if the engine malfunctions and operate according to general rules via an error reader or center console. However, car users still need to clearly understand the warning signs that something is wrong with the car to recognize it and get the car repaired promptly. This will help you minimize the time and cost you need to spend on car repairs.

Strange noise coming from the engine

The car makes strange noises

During use, depending on the car brand and model, the sound of the internal combustion engine will emit different noises. If your car is running normally and suddenly one fine day it makes strange sounds such as clicking, squeaking, etc., it proves that one or more spare parts on your car are having problems. problem and it needs to be checked and serviced. The cause of this noise may be due to lack of lubricant or oil that is too dirty, causing the car to make strange noises due to hindering the operation of the crankshaft, camshaft… The vehicle’s engine may be more seriously damaged. If you do not have your car inspected and repaired promptly.

Emitting an unusual amount of black smoke

The car is emitting unusual black smoke

Cars emitting black smoke is a phenomenon that shows that the fuel in the combustion chamber is not being burned thoroughly. This is also a common phenomenon. However, if the phenomenon of the car emitting abnormal black smoke lasts for a long time, it means the car is having many other serious problems. The reason the car emits a lot of black smoke can be due to: the engine air filter is clogged causing black smoke in the car, the spark plug is covered with soot, the car is using poor quality fuel, the high pressure pump is broken, etc. Whatever the case may be. Any vehicle owner needs to check to know the cause of the car’s black smoke and handle it promptly before the car is more seriously damaged because in some cases, the car emitting too much smoke can even be a problem. Signs that your car is about to catch fire.

Engine warning light

The engine warning light illuminates

The engine error light is the most general warning light among all types of lights on cars, because it involves many machine parts. Its cause may be: broken high voltage wire, power distributor, broken sensor, broken thermostat valve,… As soon as the engine warning light lights up, you should think about taking your car for maintenance immediately because in most cases, when the warning light lights up, it means your car is experiencing some serious damage. .

Accelerate the car slowly

Vehicles that accelerate slowly need maintenance

If you notice that your car is unusually sluggish when you use it every day, it is also a sign that your car may be having problems. The cause of this phenomenon may be because you are using the wrong type of fuel for your car. If you are using car fuel with an octane rating lower than the car manufacturer’s recommended level, this will cause poor performance in the short term and the risk of serious engine damage if maintained long term. .

In addition, when the vehicle’s air cleaner is dirty and fuel injectors are clogged, it can also affect performance, causing the vehicle to accelerate slowly, as well as cause general engine and transmission wear. make your car’s steering less responsive.

When you encounter this situation, you should take your car for timely maintenance to diagnose the vehicle’s errors early and repair them.

Excessive vibrations when moving

The car shakes when moving

When driving on a normally flat road, the feeling of excessive vibration occurring from components such as wheels, brakes, axles and engine is something you need to pay attention to. This phenomenon may be a sign of internal damage such as from the engine or system. You should check the tire rim for damage, the lug nuts for tightness, and the wheel for wobbles. The cause may be incorrect tire pressure, uneven tire wear or punctures. Vibration while braking can also be caused by uneven brake rotor wear, an unbalanced or damaged drive shaft or axle. This is very dangerous for car users, so when your car has this phenomenon, take it to the nearest maintenance center for inspection and repair.

Gearbox oil leak

The car is leaking transmission oil

This is one of the signs that users can easily detect on cars. For automatic transmission vehicles, transmission oil is extremely important to the operation of the vehicle. The cause of the gearbox leaking oil can come from rubber gaskets being degraded or exposed due to long-term use, holes appearing in the gearbox, causing oil leaks, or due to maintenance. The sealing routine is not done regularly, causing the seal to be torn,… causing the car’s transmission to leak oil. When you encounter this situation, you should take your car for maintenance early to avoid more serious damage that affects the experience and safety of using the car.

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